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commission status: Waitlist open, around SeptemberI accept works for video games, vtuber models, official merchandise etc.

You can find me here:

Terms of Service

PAYMENT-- Prices are in euro
- Payments accepted through PayPal Invoices only
- Full payment upfront OR 50% upfront and 50% after the sketch is confirmed
- Commercial use: original price x2
- No chargebacks allowed
- You can request a refund if I haven't started working on the commission.
- You may receive a partial refund after I have started the commission, which will be proportional to the progression done
- No refunds available after I have completed the commission
- I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission and will do an adequate refund to the work done
- You cannot claim my work as your own
- Remember to send me reference pictures of your character, or a very detailed description with pictures to illustrate if you do not have reference of your character
- You can request updates of the progress at any time
- Estimated time is about 1 months, and 2 months for VTuber model please be patient! If you want it to be realized faster or before a specific date please ask me, it may add fees if there are people before you
- If you intend to use this commission or repost it, please credit me

How to order

Please use VGen to find my commissions prices and commission me, it's a website similar to skeb but more detailed and organized to make commission

I would really appreciate using VGen because it would help me, but if you really don't feel comfortable using it, then please send me an email at
[email protected]
• Commercial use or not:
• Description of the commission:
• References:

Bust up: from 360-400EUR
Halfbody: from 450-600EUR
Fullbody: from 520-690EUR
(commercial use: price x2)
VTuber model: from 1700EURSheet reference: from 550EUR
Character design: from 350EUR
Bundle character design+sheet reference: 750EUR


Price : 40€ per emote128x128 emotes, 300 dpi. Will include 56x56, and 28x28 size.(+ original)Pack: 3 for 115€ | 5 for 185€ | 10 for 350€


Price: 320€Extra characters: double the price.Background: add 15-30€Detailed character (long hair, tattoo, weapons, accessories...): add 15-50€+NSFW: add 50€One other facial expression/hair color: add 40€


Price: 410€Extra characters: double the price.Background:add 20€-70€Detailed character (long hair, tattoo, weapons, accessories...): add 30-100€+NSFW: add 100€One other facial expression/hair color: add 40€



Price: 480€Extra characters: double the price.Background: add 30€-100€Detailed character (long hair, tattoo, weapons, accessories...): add 40-100€+NSFW: add 100€One other facial expression/hair color: add 40€

Character Design

Price: 350€I will design a character with you, you will receive a fullbody front and back view character as a cleaned sketch.
I will need you to send me a lot of references pictures and descriptions so i can create the perfect character for you.
The process:
-You send me all your references, ideas, descriptions
-I start sketching several outfits+hairstyles ideas
-You give me your feedback, you can ask me to mix parts of these outfits, remove or edit some details, try for another outfits, change colors...
-I edit depending of your wishes and we keep going like this until you like the result, after this i will draw the back view of the character and clean the sketch.
For having a final reference sheet of the character with 3 differents views and a cleaned version of this character, please add to this price +400€ and you will also get a reference sheet.Chara design+sheet reference bundle price: 750€Please refer to this picture below to know what I expect to receive from you for chara designing, if you can't provide many references like this, expect the result to vary from what you had in mind:

Reference sheet

Price: 550€Detailed character (long hair, tattoo, weapons, accessories...): add 50-150€Note: If you don't have character, we can work on the chara design together. Please add to this price +200€ for doing the reference sheet after the chara design if you want a sheet reference.Chara design+sheet reference bundle price: 750€+NSFW: add 200€

Vtuber Model

Fullbody Character

Price for the BUST (does not contains hands) model: 700 EUR
Price for the HALFBODY model: 1,000 EUR
Price for the FULLBODY model: 1,350 EUR
○ PSD file of the model
○ PNG file of the model
○ 3 differents expressions of your choice
For more expressions, please add 10-30EUR per expressions
Adding other arms position and complex toggle for animation, please add between 30-80EUR *
Note: If you don't have character, we can work on the chara design together for an additional costs of 300EUR, same for designing a new outfit.
Adding new expressions, arms/hand, props will cost extra. A very detailed character may increase the price as well.
* I can provide you example of my work on some chara design.


Find/contact + website of SaiMyo_K here:

If you don't have an animator for your model, we can work with SaiMyo_K. He animated many of the models I drew.Your model will be ready to move with the rig(You can use Vtube Studio or FaceRig)Price for the rig: please check his website for more info!

commission status: Will open in September, DM me to get a slot!

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Please don't forget to read the terms of service
How to order
Contact me with the info:
(on Twitter or e-mail : [email protected])
• Type of commission:
• Description of the commission:
• References:
Commercial use: yes/no